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We are a small group of designers, professional branding agents and copy writers looking to create amazing designs and effective campaigns to inspire others to follow.
Design Services


We take the idea in your head and turn them into real designs for print and the web. Your idea combined with our design will directly influence the way your product is perceived by your audience. Do it right the first time and save time and money!

Website Development

Website Development & Design

At JPG Design we develop websites with you and your target market in mind. We also design and code to the latest standards, so your website is mobile friendly and SEO optimised from the beginning.


Branding (OUTDOOR & Gifts)

Highly visible outdoor (and indoor) branding - banners, flags and signage, as well as corporate gifts for you or your clients. Catalogues available on request.



Show your logo and/or phone and website address on your uniforms, or let us brand your sport uniforms/corporate clothing. We have dedicated embroiderers and screen printers standing by to get your image out there.

What do we do?

As a freelance Graphic Design Studio in Cape Town, we specialise in logo design, corporate image development and design, banner design, advertising design, branding, website design, annual reports, brochure design, poster design, restaurant menu design, signage design and most importantly - short deadlines.

JPG Design now also does branding of your company logo on branded coporate clothing, stationary and office supplies. Check out our Branded Clothing and Branded Promotional Items pages!

Making your company look good!

Based in Cape Town, we serve clients from around the world. Our greatest asset as artists are the ability to transform ideas and concepts into a final product creatively and quickly. From our past book and layout work, we have learned how to meet short deadlines without sacrificing quality. A solid knowledge of people and marketing produces art with a purpose, and that's what Graphic Design is all about. Whether that purpose is to attract attention, invoke trust, or just to sell a product, JPG Design serves clients by turning their vision into something tangible.

We have over 16 years experience of making things look spectacular - working together with small to medium sized businesses and charities. We also help design agencies with excess work. The aim is simple: produce fantastic, innovative outcomes. Interested and want to know more? Click here to contact us!